Saran Wrappers at The Disappointed Housewife

Kevin Brennan allowed my Saran Wrapper girls do their thang over at The Disappointed Housewife.

Read it. Enjoy it.

It’s a place “for “high risk” writing, fresh, creative, experimental, idiosyncratic, idiomatic, iconoclastic writing.” He says, “Writers should be allowed to have their quirks.”

Nice of him.

Mikrokosmos Journal Issue 15

mojo is up and I’m in it: Aquarium.
Thanks to Mariah Perkins, Aaron Rodriguez and Becca Yenser and the rest of the editors for their hard work in creating the issue.



Synaesthesia Magazine has recently celebrated their 20th issue and I’m in it!

Thanks to The Synaesthesia Team for allowing “Princesses” to shine. Also a shout out to Nicola Robson (Instagram: @nmr_illustrations) for her clever illustration on my story.

New Fiction Up

Thanks to Steve Himmer at Necessary Fiction for posting my story, “The Baby Makers.”

Inspiration: Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland Georgia.

Thanks to Christine Butterworth-McDermott and M. Brett Gaffney at Gingerbread House for showcasing: “Lambs.”

Inspiration: Marriage. At what age are young people ready for the responsibilities of marriage?

Thanks to Benjamin Woodard at Atlas and Alice for letting “The Trampoline Sissies” shine.

Inspiration: Wishing and hoping people cultivate forgiveness.




Zebras and Pandas at Hobart

Thanks to Elle Nash and the Hobart team for showcasing my story: Zebras and Pandas.

Inspiration credit shout-out belongs to Inspector Clouseau and The Pink Panther.

It’s the movie that has costumed zebra policemen running down the middle of the street at midnight.


Night Lights at formercactus

The good folks at formercactus has my story, Night Lights on their new website.

A website that showcases prickly writing for keen minds.

Story at Necessary Fiction

Steve Himmer from Necessary Fiction has my story “Food” up on their website.

I had fun writing this story. I was feeling homesick and when I mean homesick, I’m not talking about family, I’m talking about food. Don’t worry my mom and dad know this. They don’t hold it against me (well most of the time they don’t). In fact they’re often excited when I come out for a visit because it means the whole lot of us all cram together in the car and drive for miles to hit those wonderful hamburger/Mexican/fast food places.

Childhood at CHEAP POP

What do you get when you combine violent entertainment and recreation?

You get my story: Childhood.

CHEAP POP has it up on their beautiful website.

Story at Monkeybicycle

James Tate Hill from Monkeybicycle has my story, “Gif You” up.

The story (surprisingly) was inspired by a gif.

New Story at University of Georgia’s Mandala Journal

Mandala Journal published my story, “Counting” in their Spring 2015 “Echoes” Issue.