The Conium Review Magazine

Thanks to James R. Gapinski, Emily Collins and Uma Rallabhandi at The Conium Review. My story “Echoes” will be appearing in their future magazine Vol. 9.

What’s the story about? Hint: it got mermaids.

¬†They lean toward unconventional plots,¬†bizarre settings, and experimental language. Also it’s perfectly fine to “get weird with it.”

“Sound of Music Reinterpreted” at The Maine Review

My story “Sound of Music Reinterpreted” will be up at The Maine Review pretty soon!

And The Clouds Never Stopped Coming at Milk Candy Review

On May 21 Cathy Ulrich at Milk Candy Review will put up my story: “And The Clouds Never Stopped Coming.”

There will also be an interview following it.

Reading at Folio

Nine of us are gonna be reading together!

House Guests to be in FOLIO

My story “House Guests” will be in Folio‘s upcoming Spring 2020 issue!

Looking forward to it.

It got bears and wolves and all kinds of animals in it!

All Systems Go!!!!

Nominations – The Saran Wrappers

Thanks to Kevin Brennan at The Disappointed Housewife for nominating my story, “The Saran Wrappers” for…

The Best Small Fictions 2020

The Pushcart Prize 2020

Of course it’s not just me. There are other writers as well on the list.

Check it out for yourself!

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Future Story @ Cream City Review

My story “Snowflakes Bouncing for Gold” will be coming out at Cream City Review!

It’s an office story.

The original title was: Tiny Little Snowflakes Bouncing For Gold. It was changed of course. However, I can’t take all the credit for it. The movie, “Balls of Fury” was the inspiration – a 2007 American sports comedy film on ping pong. My favorite part was when the Reagans were filmed “watching” the ping pong match at The White House: “Tiny balls, bouncing for gold.”

Hilarious. Gets me every time.

“Seashells” up at Orca Lit

My story “Seashells” is up at Orca Lit.

Orca Lit is a great new magazine!

They’re also starting Literary-Speculative issues. Cool cool cool!

Best Microfiction Anthology 2019

2019 Best Microfiction Anthology 2019 is up and available!!! My story, Princesses is in it as well as 88 other fabulous writers and their stories.

Hospitality up at Litro NY

A new story is up on Litro NY. Check it out: Hospitality