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Synaesthesia Magazine has recently celebrated their 20th issue and I’m in it!

Thanks to The Synaesthesia Team for allowing “Princesses” to shine. Also a shout out to Nicola Robson (Instagram: @nmr_illustrations) for her clever story-like illustration on my story.

New Fiction Up

Thanks to Steve Himmer at Necessary Fiction for posting my story, “The Baby Makers.”

Inspiration: Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland Georgia.

Thanks to Christine Butterworth-McDermott and M. Brett Gaffney at Gingerbread House for showcasing: “Lambs.”

Inspiration: Marriage. At what age are young people ready for the responsibilities of marriage?

Thanks to Benjamin Woodard at Atlas and Alice for letting “The Trampoline Sissies” shine.

Inspiration: Wishing and hoping people cultivate forgiveness.




Zebras and Pandas at Hobart

Thanks to Elle Nash and the Hobart team for showcasing my story: Zebras and Pandas.

Inspiration credit shout-out belongs to Inspector Clouseau and The Pink Panther.

It’s the movie that has costumed zebra policemen running down the middle of the street at midnight.


Night Lights at formercactus

The good folks at formercactus has my story, Night Lights on their new website.

A website that showcases prickly writing for keen minds.

Story at Necessary Fiction

Steve Himmer from Necessary Fiction has my story “Food” up on their website.

I had fun writing this story. I was feeling homesick and when I mean homesick, I’m not talking about family, I’m talking about food. Don’t worry my mom and dad know this. They don’t hold it against me (well most of the time they don’t). In fact they’re often excited when I come out for a visit because it means the whole lot of us all cram together in the car and drive for miles to hit those wonderful hamburger/Mexican/fast food places.

Childhood at CHEAP POP

What do you get when you combine violent entertainment and recreation?

You get my story: Childhood.

CHEAP POP has it up on their beautiful website.

Story at Monkeybicycle

James Tate Hill from Monkeybicycle has my story, “Gif You” up.

The story (surprisingly) was inspired by a gif.

New Story at University of Georgia’s Mandala Journal

Mandala Journal published my story, “Counting” in their Spring 2015 “Echoes” Issue. The story is inspired by my four year stay in Malaga, Spain. The story is 95% true til the end when the wine bottles break. I didn’t stick around to see what happen. I didn’t stay to console the crying girl.

I wish I did.

Three New Stories Up

Karen & Leona at Dactyl published my story “When Sarah Brightman Goes To Space, It’s Fun” for their Time & Space Issue.

Justin Nicholes at The Pavilion chose “Magic Strands” to be in their Fall Issue.

Joey Pizzolato from Curbside Splendor Publishing has my story “The Caves” in the October 2014 e-zine.

Family Planning

The other day the Family Planning came to my door. I didn’t know it was the Family Planning until later. Someone was pounding my door and I opened it to see two old ladies and one giggling policeman.

The lady in front of me had a clipboard with papers. The other lady was knocking at the other neighbor’s door. Her knocking was halfhearted as she was more intent on staring at me. The giggling policeman standing between her and the woman holding a clipboard started asking me questions.

She wanted my name and my phone number. I didn’t want to give her my phone number. I already registered with the police what more do they need? But my phone was behind me on a shelf in clear view. I looked at the paper trying to decipher the characters. She asked me if I could speak Chinese and I said, in Chinese, “A little”.

“Well, then that’s all we need here. Just give me your name, phone number…” and something else she kept circling.

I asked if she could come back later as my Chinese wasn’t good. She said she’d come back the next night. I said around eight would be good.

I showed my husband the application. “We don’t need this,” he said. “This is for Chinese people. See it’s the Family Planning Committee. They need your citizen number. This is not for us.”

“Well, it was two ladies and a policeman was there, too. They’re supposed to be here tomorrow night.”

The next night we got in late. I checked the clock. It was eight o’clock, but there were no ladies in the hallway, no giggling policeman, and no demands for applications to be filled out. I was relieved.

Two nights later there was pounding at our door. “Who could that be?” asked my husband. He got up to answer the door, I skittered about behind him like a Chihuahua who’d drunk too much coffee. “It’s probably the family planning people. It’s probably them.”

He opened the door. It was the same lady who had earlier held a clipboard. She rattled off about the application and he in return rattled off that there was no need to register our reproductive history or future plans, as we were foreigners.

She wasn’t deterred. She waved the clipboard and poked it with her finger. My husband again explained it wasn’t necessary, and politely asked her to go away. She paused and looked behind him to see me. She lowered her head, her eyes slanted as her lips smiled. We locked eyes for a moment. She kept smiling as if we had a secret together, as if we had a connection, and because of this connection I would hand over a filled out application for the Family Planning Committee.

Finally, she left. I looked at the clock. It was nine o’clock. I grabbed the empty application, threw it into the trash, and thought about the Chinese.