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Three New Stories Up

Karen & Leona at Dactyl published my story “When Sarah Brightman Goes To Space, It’s Fun” for their Time & Space Issue.

Justin Nicholes at The Pavilion chose “Magic Strands” to be in their Fall Issue.

Joey Pizzolato from Curbside Splendor Publishing has my story “The Caves” in the October 2014 e-zine.

New Editorial at Eastlit

Check out my Editorial over at Eastlit. It’s about dogs, planes, and writing.

99 cents

I just found out that I could have got my domain name for 99 cents. Yep, that’s right: 99 cents. Oh, well. Anyway, here’s some inspiration from SpongeBob Squarepants to make everything all right:

I’m a goofy goober! YEAH!

You’re a goofy goober! YEAH!
We’re all goofy goobers! YEAH!
Goofy goofy goober goober! YEAH!