Published Works

Food : Necessary Fiction

The Baby Makers : Necessary Fiction

Childhood : Cheap Pop

Night Lights : formercactus

Zebras and Pandas : Hobart

Lambs : Gingerbread House

Aquarium: mojo

The Trampoline Sissies : Atlas & Alice

The Saran Wrappers : The Disappointed Housewife

Princesses : Synaesthesia

Gif You : Monkeybicycle

Counting : Mandala Journal

The Caves : Curbside Splendor Publishing

Dress World :

Spa Care : Four Way Review

Mariachi! Mariachi! Mariachi! : The Molotov Cocktail

Laughing All the Way to the Bank is No Laughing Matter : Crack the Spine

Bam! Pow! Biff! : Storm Cellar Quarterly

Bad Barbie Bad : Pithead Chapel

Space Boy : Gone Lawn Journal

The Factory Workers : Eastlit

China’s Da Boom / We Eat : Eastlit

Harry Cherry Tomatoe : Asian Cha also @ : The Font Journal